Here at Dale Swingle Design, the design of your cabinetry is just the beginning.  Our design not only fulfills your dreams but it also determines the most cost-effective way of achieving it.  Our 25 years of experience in cabinet design has allowed us to develop an exclusive means of accurately calculating the most cost-effective method of producing your cabinets.  The job is offered to a cabinet maker at a price that passes the cost of our design services on to the cabinet maker.  There are many cabinet makers that would like the opportunity to build cabinets designed by Dale Swingle Design.  And why would a cabinet maker agree to absorb your cost for us to professionally design the cabinets?  Because the cost savings of producing your cabinets according to our design plans is greater than the cabinet maker's fee to utilize our services.  Even if you were to go directly to our cabinet maker, there is a good chance that he will come to us and be willing to pay us a percentage of the profits in order to secure a set of concise plans that allows for a more efficient cabinet build.

Everyone wins...You get the cabinets you want or more; the cabinet maker is able to accurately bid your job while acquiring a definitive set of plans that puts everyone on the same page; and finally, we have the reward of bringing the entire remodel process together in a way that encourages smooth operation and most importantly, a satisfied customer.
From the conceptual to the actual,
you will be delighted with the best in customized design, computer-generated plans, & cost-efficient cabinet builds.